What is Xyla?

We built an analytics platform that satisfies core campaign reporting and evolves to meet your needs as your optimization strategies expand in scale and sophistication.

We provide the common infrastructure and warehousing capabilities that merge marketing data across all ad networks, channels, and internal systems. From this core, Xyla empowers you to build out a meaningful marketing tech stack, and with confidence in the underlying data, leverage our library of analytics upgrades. When you need to pioneer a new type of report, you can even engage with the Xyla team to build it out.



How it works


Connect Xyla to your MMP, ad networks, and other systems then we'll ensure the smooth and continuous flow of data into your company’s Xyla environment.


Regardless of the source we augment incoming data at the lowest common granularity so it’s in a standardized format.


This is the heart of Xyla that powers the whole product suite. On top of your data, we crunch the numbers and present your KPIs intuitively while making the raw data accessible either through CSV export or our API.



Xyla Product Suite

BASE infrastructure & Core campaign reporting

The foundation that enables day to day campaign diagnostics and management. Explore with visualizations, CSV exports, or extract your insights through our API.

  • E.G. Cohort reporting dashboard ROAS, cost per subscription reporting.

Add Ons

Custom development

To handle those nuanced use cases unique to your business, work with your Xyla solutions architect to build out custom apps or analytics modules in your company's Xyla environment.

  • E.G. Customer churn model that’s powered by data from another system.

Analytics Upgrades

Dive deeper by plugging into pre-built reports that unveil those next-level insights relevant to your business irrespective of your vertical.

  • E.G. Marketing mix budget allocation model.